NASBM Professional Standards

NASBM is proud to launch the 'NASBM Professional Standards' – a suite of standards for school business management professionals, comparable to those already available for other staff in schools. 

These standards are intended to: 

  • Set out the core and specialist areas of competence required to be successful in the school business management professional role;
  • Assist those currently working in, or aspiring to work in, the school business management profession to perform their role as expertly as possible;
  • Set out the content of both initial and continuing professional development for those entering or developing their career in the profession;
  • Provide a framework for the development of qualifications and other professional recognition for school business management professionals.

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Click here to hear from Stephen Morales on the changing nature of the SBM practitioners role and how standards will support practitioners during this transition. 

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Click here to view the NASBM Professional Standards terms and conditions. 


Case studies

This section provides the case studies we have developed to show you how SBM practitioners are using the Professional Standards to support their schools and their professional and career development. 

Training for SBMs - Leading through strategic change 

This free training provides you a great start for the Professional Standards. Click here to learn the skills you need to take on a leadership role

Aspiring SBM - self assessment

Charlotte Allin is an Aspiring SBM based at Keswick School in Keswick. Click here to access her case study. 

School business managers - self assessment 

Lesley Burton is a SBM based at St John's CE Primary School in Bradford. Click here to access her case study.

Hayley Dunn is a SBM based at Windmill Primary School in Telford. Click here to access her case study. 

Alison Lodge is a SBM (and NASBM Fellow) based at Broadgreen Primary School in Liverpool. Click here to access her case study. 

School business manager - role description updates

Gill Sax is Strategic Business Manager (and NASBM Fellow) based at the James Wolfe School with Centre for Deaf Children in Greenwich, London. Click here to access her case study. 

School Business Manager - job role and salary benchmarking using the Professional Standards and sector research

Jo Marchant is School Business Manager (and NASBM Fellow) based at Sittingbourne School in Kent. Click here to access her salary benchmarking exercise which utilised the NASBM Professional Standards as well as NASBM and sector research. 

School Business Manager and Company Secretary - career journey, self-assessment and organisational development

Alison Moon is School Business Manager and Company Secretary (and NASBM Fellow) based at Warden House Primary School in Deal, Kent. Click here to access her case study. 

Director - supporting the SBM team in a Trust

Josh Greaves is Business and Operations Director based at the Wellspring Academies Trust in Barnsley. Click here to access his case study.