Considerations for effective and accurate budget setting

26 Apr


A one hour guide to effective and accurate budget setting

~ What do you need to take account of when creating a sustainable budget? 
~ Practical tips and techniques, including zero based budgeting, to make the process easier. 


This is a one hour webinar designed to equip you with some practical tips and techniques on completing a benchmarking exercise. It will include the following: 
  • Why we use benchmarking
  • Some of the comparators you should consider when benchmarking
  • How to navigate the schools benchmarking website
  • A look at further useful websites to obtain further benchmarking data from


This course will enable you to: 

~ Utilise tips and techniques to ensure budgets are accurate 

~ Ensure that you consider all aspects of the school 

~ Ensure that have the skills to set a sustainable budget 


This course is suitable for schools finance staff, bursars and school business managers 
Cost £49.50 NASBM members will receive a 14% discount on these prices.
Time 15.45-16.45
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This webinar is provided by Entrust