NASBM Professional Standards

A major priority for NASBM in 2015 is the development of a suite of professional standards for school business management professionals, comparable to those already available for other staff in schools. 

These standards are intended to: 

  • Set out the core and specialist areas of competence required to be successful in the school business management professional role
  • Assist those currently working in, or aspiring to work in, the school business management profession to perform their role as expertly as possible;
  • Set out the content of both initial and continuing professional development for those entering or developing their career in the profession;
  • Provide a framework for the development of qualifications and other professional recognition for school business management professionals.

We would hope that the standards will be used by head teachers and governors to inform and underpin the recruitment and performance management of school business management professionals.


Development process and timeline 

NASBM is working closely with the SBM profession and sector stakeholders as we develop the standards. We have established a national stakeholder steering group and SBM practitioner group to ensure that the final version of the standards accurately reflects the breadth and complexity of school business management and is of value to all ‘end-users’. 

The Stakeholder Group has an independent, high-profile chair to demonstrate the credibility of our approach and we have representatives from the following organisations: 

ASCL, DfE, EFA, FASNA, ICSA, ILM, ISBA, Mpowernet, NAHT, NCTL, NGA, The SBM Partnership

The timeline for the development is as follows and you can click here for the schedule of activities. The standards will be ready for launch at the NASBM 2015 Conference.

It will be clear from the timeline that NASBM is putting SBM practitioner and stakeholder input at the heart of the standards, ensuring that their views and opinions are included in the resulting standards. 


Timeline for development:

  • November 2014 – Launch of standards review at NASBM National Conference  
  • February 2015 – First meeting of SBM Practitioner and Stakeholder groups
  • March 2015 – Second meeting of SBM Practitioner and Stakeholder groups 
  • End of May 2015 – Online consultation on the draft professional standards begins
  • July 2015 – Third meeting of the SBM Practitioner and Stakeholder groups
  • July-September 2015 – Writing work towards final draft standards
  • September - Consultation closes
  • October 2015 – Final draft standards ready for final SBM Practitioner and Stakeholders
  • October 2015 – Final SBM Practitioner and Stakeholder group meetings to present the final draft standards
  • November 2015 – Standards launched at NASBM 2015 Conference


Consultation details

  • Consultation on finance section: closed on Friday 26 June 2015. (664 responses received)
  • Consultation on leading support services and core section: closed 3 July 2015. (119 responses received)
  • Consultation on infrastructure: closed on Friday 31 July at 17:00. (155 responses received)
  • Consultation on procurement: closed on Friday 7 August at 17:00. (93 responses received)
  • Consultation on Marketing and HR: closed on Friday 28 August 2015. (68 responses received)



For further information about our work on the development of a national professional standards framework please contact Helen Albrow via email: