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The Association can trace its origins to local group meetings in the early 1990s. Bursars began to emerge in the state sector as a result of the new autonomy enjoyed by schools awarded grant-maintained status. In 1994, a meeting of like-minded bursars led to a resolution to promote national participation in an organisation dedicated to representing the profession.


In 1997, the National Bursars Association Ltd was formally incorporated in response to an increasing demand for a more formal representative body. In 2000, a university licentiate scheme was introduced comprising specific and clearly defined professional standards.


In 2008, the association commissioned a rebrand exercise and made a conscious move away from the term ‘bursar’ to reflect the broader responsibilities and complexity of school business management. The National Association of School Business Management (NASBM) was born.


In recent years, the Association has been instrumental in the development of a nationally recognised competency framework, contributed extensively to the development of professional qualifications and played an active role in helping shape government education policy.


As an apolitical trade association, NASBM is committed to providing government with a balanced stakeholder perspective, representing the broad interests of all of its members.


Our Mission

The level of complexity and autonomy in schools is ever increasing, matched with new levels of direct accountability.

Our mission is to support and develop a fit-for-purpose professional workforce equipped to effectively manage diverse school operations.


Our Values

NASBM aims to be:

  • Impartial - apolitical, representing the breadth of views of our members and the wider profession
  • Authoritative - providing relevant and reliable information and insight
  • Collaborative - working with a range of stakeholders and partners to support  and raise the profile of the profession
  • Sector led - drawing on the expertise of our members and the wider profession
  • Responsive- listening to and responding to the needs of our members


Our Activities

All our activities are built around the following themes:

  • Representing the interests of and building the reputation of SBM professionals
  • Supporting members to carry out their current role more effectively
  • Assisting members to develop their career.

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NASBM Articles of Association

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